About Us

Luís Manuel Martins Tristão, Architect graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, in 2007, was a collaborating architect in some offices, however the desire to externalize his concept saw him take a risk and create his own office. The LT - Arquitectos office was founded in 2009 in Porto, currently having its headquarters in São Miguel (Azores) since 2012, and has a balanced and multidisciplinary team.


The concept of LT - Arquitectos is based on a contemporary attitude, with integrated, innovative and sustainable solutions. His career in Architecture is based on a vision of sustainability, harmoniously bringing together the culture of the places/places, the landscape and the client's intentions. It has been developing projects in the areas of housing, commerce, offices, religious spaces, restaurants and tourist developments. Despite being based in the Azores, this is not a territorial isolation, and projects originate in Portugal (Continental and Azores) and France.


Bearing in mind his interest in detail, he also creates personalized design pieces for the projects developed. He was a member of the Board of the Azores Delegation of the Ordem dos Arquitetos and lecturer in the Architecture course at the University of the Azores.